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Ok, here we go. Simone Bianchi is… Really, really good.
Check out his website. Go to the part where it has anatomical studies. His art reminds me of the sketchbooks of guys like Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo, etc. Not just because he’s an italian (and he talks just like Mario… I’m not kidding. “Oh, thank-a you-a so much! I’ma so happy that you love-a ma arta!”)

Anyways, no more tangent. Simone taught anatomy at an art university in Florence. The influences on his work are apparent to everyone that sees it: he’s a classically trained artist that likes to draw Superheroes. We should consider ourselves lucky that he’s doing comics. If he was doing this a couple hundred years ago, we’d be waiting in line at the Louvre to see his stuff. Look at the way that he draws the musculature. The way the characters move. It takes a long, long time for an artist to get good at having their characters have weight to them. It’s always there with Simone. His stuff is anatomically accurate… Pretty much always, even with superhero books (which is difficult, considering the obvious need to embellish and exaggerate the form.)

Personally, I was raised looking at classic art work in books and museums. I also saw the works of NC Wyeth, Howard Pyle, and Saturday Morning cartoons. Simone Bianchi is someone that will continue to surprise, impress, and inspire me for years to come.

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